Proline Sheet Steel Enclosed Isolators & Fireman Switches

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Our Proline range of Isolators is designed to offer cost effective, quality solutions for most indoor applications.

• AC22A Rated 415V Phase-To-Phase, 240V Phase-To-Neutral
• BSEN 60947-3 conformity
• Door interlocked padlockable handles on hinged units
• Alternative pole configurations and auxiliary contacts available
• Removable gland plate top & bottom
• Ingress protection IP41

The fireman switch is a switch disconnector/isolator for special applications. You can often see these switches on the outside wall of commercial buildings. They are designed to be easy to identify and are operated by a fireman’s hook to turn off neon-lighting or other hazardous electrical equipment in the event of a fire.

• Die cast aluminium enclosure
• Operates with fireman hook or axe - down for OFF
• Two handed switch ON
• 2 pole 240V AC22A
• 2 x M25 gland entries top and bottom

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