Sheet Steel Enclosed Double Break Switchfuses

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• Fully load rated AC23A 415-690V
• BSEN 60947-3 conformity
• Door interlocked padlockable handle
• IP2X terminal shrouds
• Removable gland plate top (up to 700 H) and bottom
• Fitted with general purpose BS88 HRC fuses
• Double break, fuses isolated on both sides
• Ingress protection IP55

Most of our switchfuses come with standard BS88 gG 415VAC fuses with 80kA fault ratings. Where required we can also supply mG motor rated fuses to be fitted into AC-23 switchfuses, please note however the device being selected should always be chosen based on the upper motor rating of the fuse, i.e. a 100A/125A motor rated fuse should be fitted into a 125A switchfuse rather than a 100A switchfuse to better protect the switchgear.

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