• Isolation & Protection

  • Changeover & Bypass

  • Distribution & Connection

  • Panels & Custom Section Boards

Welcome to Switchgear Systems Ltd. Manufacturers of Electrical Switchgear.

We stock, assemble and customise switchgear to your requirements including:
Isolators, Switchfuses, Changeover switches, Bypass switches, Automatic Transfer Systems, Surge Protection Devices, Busbar Chambers, Panelboards, custom Section Boards and enclosed MCCB and ACB solutions. Products range from 20A to 7000A open or enclosed, in three pole, TP&N or four pole with accessories including auxiliary contacts, remote monitoring, metering and RCD protection.

Products are available for all industrial applications including:
Data Centres, Multi story buildings, Power Utilities, Telecommunications, Defence, Food and Leisure, Standby Power and renewable energy sectors such as voltage stabilisation, optimisation and photo-voltaic.

Switchgear Systems are the sole UK distributor for EFEN GmbH and CONTACTPLASMA S.P.I.

Isolation and Protection
Enclosed Isolators, Switchfuses, ACBs, MCCBs, RCBOs, Fireman switches and Contactors for personnel, line and installation protection.
Changeover and Bypass
Enclosed manual and automatic changeover and bypass switches for changing between supplies including “Life Safety Application”.
Distribution and Connection
Enclosed Busbars, Junction boxes and Generator Hook-up together with NL and E bars to complement our switching devices and assist in completing your installation.
Panels & Custom Section Boards
ACB, MCCB and all our other switching devices combined with surge protection, PFC and metering in approved panels to your requirements.

about us


dedicated to providing quality products and service for over 15 years.

Established in 2003 we are a growing company dedicated to providing quality service and products to our customers. We are a small team of individuals each playing an important roll in the production life of the end product, on time and within quote.

Over the years we have managed to obtain and retain strong bonds with our suppliers, which has organically produced a strong recipe for our continued success for the future.